post-title Memorial Day Weekend in Downtown Frederick

Memorial Day Weekend in Downtown Frederick

Memorial Day Weekend in Downtown Frederick

Memorial Day Weekend in Downtown Frederick

Memorial Day weekend is coming up and, since Monday, May 28 is a federal holiday, many of us will be celebrating the day by taking off work. So what should you do with your free Monday? Make a day of it in Downtown Frederick!

Many shops, restaurants and businesses will be opening their doors, so there will be plenty to do. Don’t see your favorite place on our list? This is only a start. Be sure to check with individual businesses for their most up-to-date hours. For more great things to see and do in Downtown Frederick, visit

Businesses that are open on Monday are highlighted in blue.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Creme de la Creme 207 N Market St10am-8pm10am-8pm11am-6pm10am-6pm
Curious Iguana12 N Market St10am-8pm10am-9pm11am-6pm10am-7pm
Dancing Bear Toys and Gifts15 E Patrick St10am-8pm10am-9pm11am-5pm10am-7pm
Ec’clectibles13 E Patrick St10am-9pm10am-9pm11am-5pm10am-4pm
Edgeworks Knife & Supply200 N Market St10am-9pm10am-9pm12pm-5pm10am-7pm
Emporium Antiques112 E Patrick St11am-6pm11am-6pm12pm-5pm11am-6pm
Fabulous Finds24 E Patrick St10am-5:30pm10am-6pm11am-5pm11am-4pm
Great Stuff By Paul257 E 6th St & 10 N Carroll St10am-6pm10am-6pm11am-5pm10am-6pm
Industrial Home Inc.154-A N Market St10am-7pm10am-7pm12pm-5pm
Kindred43 E Patrick St11am-5pm11am-5pm11am-5pm11am-5pm
North Market Pop Shop241 N Market St11am-10pm11am-10pm11am-8pm11am-8pm
Pearl230 E Patrick St11am-5pm11am-5pm12pm-4pm12pm-4pm
Posh Boutique 35 N Market St10:30am-7:30pm10:30am-7:30pm12pm-5pm12pm-5pm
Quality Shoe Service319 N Market St8am-6pm8am-4pm
Relish Decor38 E Patrick St11am-5pm11am-6pm11am-5pm11am-5pm
Retro-Metro213 N Market St11am-7pm11am-7pm11am-5pm11am-5pm
Shab Row Tea Emporium112 N East St10am-6pm10am-6pm10am-6pm10am-6pm
Simply Beautiful Boutique143 N Market St11am-6pm11am-6pm12pm-5pm12pm-5pm
Terressentials100 E Patrick St10am-6pm10am-6pm12pm-5pm12pm-6pm
The Candy Kitchen52 N Market St10am-8pm10am-8pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm
The Kitchenette217 N Market St10am-6pm10am-6pm11am-5pm11am-5pm
The Muse19 N Market St10am-9pm10am-9pm12pm-5pm12pm-5pm
The Pasta Palette121 N Market St11am-8pm11am-8pm11am-7pm11am-5pm
The Trading Post134 N East St10am-6pm10am-6pm10am-5pm10am-5pm
The Trail House17 S Market St10am-8pm9:30am-5:30pm12pm-5pm10am-4pm
Treaty General Store30 E Patrick St11am-5pm11am-6pm11am-5pm11am-5pm
VISIONS extraordinary eyewear, etc16 N Market St11am-6pm11am-6pm

Finding Something to Eat

Brewer’s Alley124 N Market St11:30am-1:30am11:30am-1:30am11:30am-midnight11:30am-11:30pm
Bushwaller’s209 N Market St11am-2am11am-2am11am-2am11am-2am
Firestone’s Market113 N Market St10am-8pm10am-8pm11am-6pm10am-6pm
Frederick Coffee Co & cafe100 N East St6am-11pm6am-11pm7am-9pm6am-8pm
Frederick Fudge & Ice Cream253 E Church St11:30am-9pm11:30am-9pm11:30am-8pm11:30am-8pm
GOOD juju300 E 2nd St8am-4pm8am-4pm8am-4pm8am-4pm
JoJo’s Restaurant & Tap House16/18 E Patrick St11:30am-2am11am-2am11am-2am11:30am-2am
La Paz Mexican Restaurant51 S Market St11am-10pm11am-10pm11am-9pm11am-9pm
Pretzel and Pizza Creations210 N Market St8am-3am9am-3am10am-9pm8am-9pm
Starbucks104 N Market St5:30am-10pm6am-9pm6am-8pm6am-8pm
the Wine Kitchen on the Creek50 Carroll Creek Way #16011:30am-10pm11:30am-10pm11am-9pm

Looking for a Fun Adventure

Clue IQ: An Escape Room Experience103 S Carroll St3pm-11pm11am-11pm11am-8pm11am-9pm
Frederick Visitor Center151 S East St9am-5pm9am-5pm9am-5pm9am-5pm
Heritage Frederick24 E Church St10am-4pm10am-4pm1pm-4pm
I Made This! Pottery Studio10-B N East St10am-10pm10am-10pm12pm-6pm10am-6pm
National Museum of Civil War Medicine48 E Patrick St10am-5pm10am-5pm11am-5pm10am-5pm
Pedego Frederick125 S Carroll St11am-7pm11am-7pm11am-7pm11am-7pm
Roads and Rails Museum200 N East St10am-5pm10am-5pm12pm-5pm10am-5pm
smooch! studio8 N East St10am-6pm10am-6pm
Surelocked In Escape Games220 N Market St4pm-9pm11:30am-9:pm1pm-7:30pm1pm-7:30pm
The Delaplaine Arts Center40 S Carroll St9am-5pm9am-5pm11am-5pm