post-title 10 Reasons to Shop Early this Year

10 Reasons to Shop Early this Year

10 Reasons to Shop Early this Year

10 Reasons to Shop Early this Year

10 Reasons to Shop Early this Year

This year has been more than a little challenging for everyone, but through it all — we’ve been reminded time and time again of how much we love this community, of how supportive people can be to one another and of how much our small businesses matter.

The holidays are one of the most magical times to visit Downtown Frederick, MD. Our walkable, historic downtown offers more than 200 independently-owned businesses, parking is FREE every weekend from Thanksgiving through News Years, and public health measures are in place to ensure your experience is safe and enjoyable.

So, while shopping local is the obvious choice after such a difficult year for so many, here are a few reasons why you should get out there and take care of your holiday list early this year.

Need some ideas? Check out our 2020 Downtown Frederick Gift Guide here!

1. Small retailers rely on the holiday season to survive

In a regular year, retailers rely on the holiday season to generate at least 19% of their annual sales. So if you have a favorite business (or 3 or 4) that you know you couldn’t live without, make sure you show them the love this winter.

2. Come downtown during non-peak hours

Many of Downtown Frederick’s shops are Open 7 Days a Week with extended evening hours during the holiday season, so shop Monday through Thursday and enjoy downtown when there are fewer people out and about. Curious to see the visitor trends for downtown? Check out our foot traffic meter at

3. The earlier you buy, the earlier you can ship

Whether you’re taking advantage of Downtown Frederick’s local online shopping or our Shop ‘n Ship businesses (who offer wrapping and shipping right from their store!) the earlier you make your gift selections, the earlier you can get them in the mail and on their way to the ones you love. With less traveling this year shipping numbers are expected to be way up, so get your packages ready as early as you can!

4. Don’t miss out on the gifts you love

The amazing thing about buying local is that many of the gifts you’ll find in Downtown Frederick are handmade, one-of-a-kind items that you won’t find anywhere else. However, that also means that inventories are limited and once it’s gone, it’s gone. If you see something in a window that makes you think “ooh that would be perfect for Uncle Raymond or Aunt Jill” go in and grab it before someone else does!

5. If COVID-19 cases spike, your shopping will be done

Sometimes it feels like we’ve all become public health experts overnight. If nothing else, we’re all far more attuned to hospital occupancy rates and have probably spent a lot more time on our local Health Department’s website than ever before. So, in the event that COVID-19 cases do start to rise during the holiday season, it’s better to have all of your gifts safe and sound with you at home.

6. More time to enjoy the season

Shopping in Downtown Frederick is an enjoyable experience in itself… glowing windows overflowing with beautiful gift ideas, glittering lights swaying in the trees overhead and storefront after storefront decked out in holiday greenery and decorations. However, once the pressure of your gift list is taken care of, you’ll have even more time to slow it down and soak in the beauty of the Holidays in Downtown Frederick.

7. Create your gift-wrapping masterpiece

If you’re a do-it-all type of person and you’d rather not get the free in-store gift-wrapping that so many downtown businesses offer (suit yourself)… then the earlier you can get those presents home, the more time you have to play with paper, ribbons, bags and glitter. And please, don’t forget the card!

8. Plan out the most perfect presents

If someone can be particularly hard to buy for, do a bit of pre-shopping early on and then drop hints about what you have in mind. Trust us, nobody will suspect a thing when you ask super stealthy questions like, “If someone were to buy a new pair of socks… would said someone prefer wool or cotton?” Need some ideas? Check out our 2020 Downtown Frederick Gift Guide here!

9. Avoid the crunch-time stress

The one thing you can’t give someone for the holidays is more time in their day… but it is a gift you can give yourself! Shop early, and then sit back and relax as you and your family get to enjoy more time swapping stories, more time sharing laughs and more time spent together (whether virtual or in-person).

10. Show small businesses you care

The most important reason to shop early this year? Showing the businesses you love just how important they are! This is the year to make a statement about your love for Downtown Frederick’s shops, restaurants and small businesses. Be intentional about your gift-giving and make it 100% local this year. Make a list of the businesses that you can’t imagine Downtown Frederick without, and buy something from them this month. You don’t want to be the person commenting “Wow I can’t believe they closed. I loved that place!” on a Facebook post in 2021.