Tassel Earring Workshop @ Give Rise Studio

I’ve got a lot to say about wire work with my 20 years of experience – but what if we approached this workshop a little differently? Let’s play with a select collection of semi precious stones, yarn and briefly discuss wire work basics, get some practice in and leave the detailed information about wire sizes and tools aside.

We are going to focus on layout, some wire work and TASSEL making! Sue is always available for questions and support if you REALLY want the details during or after class. No experience required. Materials included; All materials to make one pair of stunning, unique earrings Sterling silver wire, ear wires and multiple brass shapes to chose from. Semi precious stones or glass beads Yarn and a selection of embroidery floss. Additional earring kits available for $15

In this class you will: Learn about basic wire work and tassel making. Play with color, proportions and design. You will take home: The basic wire techniques that will allow you to make multiple projects,creating some time for yourself to be creative and find joy, the ability to see jewelry in a store with a “I can make that!” attitude, one truly unique pair of earrings – an expression of you!

Beads in the sample designs pictured may be available but are not guaranteed. There are so many beads to chose from.


July 2, 2022 12:00 PM


July 2, 2022 1:30 PM

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125 S Carroll St Suite 101