“Abstracts and Reflections” @ Eastside Artists’ Gallery

Showing this August are Abstracts by Lynn Hotes and Fused Glass by Steven Gibson.

Lynn Hotes is showing her abstract paintings. She feels it is not easy to define abstract art, but she loves the process of painting abstractly. As she approaches the canvas, she doesn’t have a fixed idea of what the painting will be, but she does have certain shapes and colors in mind, so she’ll start with them. As she moves across the canvas, more forms and colors come to mind and she observes the shapes and spaces on the canvas that have the potential to be a design. Lynn prefers abstract painting, but she also loves architectural themes, portraits, collage, pencil sketching, and uses a variety of mediums.

As an artist Steven Gibson is constantly seeking inspiration to feed his need to create something….anything. This influences how he sees and experiences the world, how he captures and interprets what he sees, and ultimately, how he expresses it artistically. The pieces in this exhibit are interpretations of places he has visited, experiences he has had, and current events affecting him. Steven’s Fused Glasswork can be made in a range of items that is pretty broad, from bowls, platters, glass jewelry, 3-D sculpture and much more. See more of Steven’s artwork at gibsonglassworks.com

First Saturday 1-7pm. Exhibit runs weekends Aug 6-28, Gallery hours 1-5pm Sat & Sun.


August 6, 2022 1:00 PM


August 6, 2022 7:00 PM

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313 E Patrick St