Articulate @ NOMA Gallery

Articulate- to give clear utterance to; consisting of segments united by joints.

A collaborative exhibit between mixed media sculptors and NOMA artists Thomas Sterner and Jim Roberts where their work explores possibilities prompted by sharing concepts. Sterner and Roberts begin each work with a conversation that allows for an exchange of ideas and creative responses. Then, without losing sight of their own artistic approach, they each create a piece that is connected and articulates the concept.

Sterner is drawn to wood as a material, and enjoys the characteristics it imparts. Roberts sees the power in objects and the history and meaning they possess. Each pairing of work is a dialog between artist and concept, artist and artist, and material and artist. We invite the viewer to participate in that dialog by adding to the narrative based on their own experiences and understandings.

Articulate opens Friday, November 3 and runs through Sunday, November 26. There will be a reception for the artists on Saturday, November 4, 5-8pm, and an artists’ talk Saturday, November 11, 7-8pm.

You can view additional works by Thomas Sterner and Jim Roberts by visiting their websites:


November 4, 2023 5:00 PM


November 4, 2023 8:00 PM

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437 N Market St