Celebrate Resilient Women

Finding Strength In Our Differences & Honoring Our Similarities. Welcome to the second Celebrate Resilient Women! We are pleased to host this community-wide event and hope you will join us. Treat yourself to a morning of inspirational stories, beautiful a capella music and thought-provoking tales of overcoming cultural barriers that can divide us. Not only will your soul be nourished but you will also enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared by Canapes.

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Keynote Speaker

Tonya Fitzpatrick: As a world traveler and expat who has lived, studied and worked in several countries, Tonya Fitzpatrick has experienced the transformative power of travel. A lawyer and former White House appointee, Tonya also understands that “culture” is not just defined by ethnicity. Because of her experiences, Tonya recognizes that cultures are mosaics of diverse groups each with their own communication style and community practices and traditions. There is an importance to finding our own truth within our cultural context, and discovering how our truths are interwoven with the truths of others in the cultural spaces we share. Applying global experience to our own Frederick community, Tonya will discuss the art of “Finding Strength In Our Differences & Honoring Our Similarities” to help bridge divides that often get in the way of our ability to navigate life’s challenges–whether it be in our professional lives, or in other areas of our life.

Attend the Event

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet all the nominees! Enjoy a sit-down breakfast plus an inspiring talk by Keynote Speaker Tonya Fitzpatrick. Tickets are $35 per person and can be purchased online.

Proceeds from this event will be used to support the ministries of All Saints’. In addition, a portion will be donated to support four non-profits working to better the lives of women in Frederick County.

Nominate a Resilient Woman

Behind every strong woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. Let’s celebrate these remarkable women! Consider nominating the resilient woman in your life—mother, sister, wife, grandmother, daughter, friend, co-worker or neighbor.

This is your chance to tell us about a resilient woman you know in Frederick County. Share how she embodies the truest meaning of resilience, how she faces life’s challenges with fierceness, determination and strength, and how she inspires others! Nomination deadline: Feb. 18

Apply for a Community Grant

This year our event is growing and we want to give back to some of the amazing organizations in our county working to better the lives of women – please apply! We’ll announce four grant recipients at our event on March 8 in amounts up to $500. See the application for details. Grant Deadline: Feb. 21


March 8, 2019 9:00 AM


March 8, 2019 11:00 AM

Fees & Tickets


Event Venue


All Saints' Episcopal Church, 106 W Patrick St