Class: Binding a Book of Cards @ Frederick Book Arts Center
Let’s make a book from that box of cards you’ve saved over the years! You will learn some basic bookbinding skills and take home a completed book of 12 to 18 cards, with instructions to help you make more card books at home.

Almost everyone has a box of cards they’ve saved over the years. Wedding, anniversary, holiday, get-well, special occasion—all are mementos of your life that you are reluctant to dispose of.

Friends and family chose special cards just for you. Let’s remember their thoughtfulness. And, if you’re like me, you might find not only memories, but forgotten gift cards! Most precious of all: you’ll rediscover sweet notes from years ago that unleash a flood of emotion.

I’ll teach you how to sew about a dozen of your cards into a unique and beautiful volume. This class will equip you with basic bookbinding skills such as making a template, sewing a French Link stitch that allows the cards to lay flat, and creating an attractive cover. You probably have too many cards for just one book, so you’ll go home with a set of instructions to make more card books at home.

Supplies needed by participants:

Bring cards you want to bind into a book, we will sort them by size-only in class, but please sort the order you would like them to be bound in at home!


March 5, 2023 1:00 PM


March 5, 2023 5:00 PM

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217 W Patrick St