FAC Artist Talk featuring Thomas Faison

The Frederick Arts Council will be hosting a screening and artist talk in accompaniment with Thomas Faison’s installation “Phase Change: Act I” on February 23rd at 3pm at New Spire Stages, 15 W Patrick St. The Frederick Arts Council Pop-Up Gallery, located at 11 W Patrick St, will be open for visitors from 12 – 8. The film will screen in full at 3pm followed by discussion lead by the artist, diving into the processes, themes, and aspirations behind the work.

Phase Change is a living, evolving installation; a three act visual story of disaster, transformation, and hope. The story of water, steam, ice, and us articulated through a hybrid of video, sculpture, and music, hybrids of these mediums. The film stages a loose, allegoric narrative, acting as a magnifying glass as the line between natural and societal processes grows thin. The voices detail personal, cultural, and social relationships within the hydrosphere. The variance in these stories lends itself to insights into water as a multiplicity: something that is holy, political, nourishing, fearsome, essential.

It is in moments of transition where one can find true becoming. Liquid evaporating to gas, a city turning to moss, a person discovering shelter–examining these processes of change provides insights into the creative force of difference as we work towards not just individual transformation but the transformation of the collective Us. More info: frederickartscouncil.org


February 23, 2019 3:00 PM


February 23, 2019 5:00 PM

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New Spire Stages, 15 W Patrick St