Green Against Gray; A New Leaf

Green Against Gray; A New Leaf

The artists of Gallery 322 are inspired by spring, and the energy it brings — a new leaf of creativity, and reawakening of color in the world, and in the work we do.

This spring group show features artists Michael Douglas Jones, Jan Kaufman, Linda Kirvan, Ann Schaefer, Anne Gibson Snyder, Russell Schofield, and Homer Yost, along with associate artists Roberta Staat, Tom Ritchie, Leo Ramos, Lissa Abrams, and Karen Winston-Levin.

Pictured is “Potomac River №1” by Anne Gibson Snyder. oil painting, available this month at Gallery 322.

More information at Open Fridays from 5-7PM, on Saturdays & Saturdays from 1-5PM and, of course, open by appointment. Exhibition runs from April 2 through April 25.



April 25, 2021 1:00 PM


April 25, 2021 5:00 PM

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