Iterations: Archetypes and Continuum @ NOMA Gallery

This exhibit explores the nexus between imagery both old and new as explored by Judith Kornett, as well as her use of personal archetypes in their various iterations throughout her personal artistic continuum.

Judith Kornett will have a solo exhibition that will run from April 5-28, 2024. The reception will be First Saturday, April 6, from 5-8pm. She will also be giving an artist’s talk on Sunday April 21st at 1pm.

The focus of this exhibit will be Kornett’s exploration of her imagery both past and current, and the relationship of her personal archetypes and their many iterations as represented in her art. In addition, she is acknowledging their development along the continuum of her artistic journey. It is her hope that the viewer will glean a greater understanding of the artistic process in general and Judith’s process, both physical and intellectual, in particular. She hopes to meet you at both the First Saturday Reception and her Artist’s Talk, and looks forward to your sharing your thoughts, feelings and reactions to this very personal exhibit.


April 6, 2024 5:00 PM


April 6, 2024 8:00 PM

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437 N Market St