Loi Loi and The Meer @ Cafe Nola

The Meer is a three piece from Maryland. They create a unique sound from elements of heavy psychedelic, indie alternative, dark, introspective, and straight forward minimalist rock. The Meer plays hundreds of shows across the six states surrounding the DC metro area, at venues such as Rock and Roll Hotel, DC9, Ottobar, countless house venues, and others. They strive to uphold strong DIY ethos, and promote a supportive community for independent musicians everywhere.
Loi Loi is an electronic synth-pop duo of Kristie (vocals, keyboards, synthesizers) and Ron (trumpet, bass, bass synths). Loi Loi started four years ago in China, where Kristie was living and working at the time. Loi Loi’s inaugural EP, Viva La Vulva, was recorded at BLIGHT.Records in March 2017, six months after Kristie’s return from Spain to Washington, DC. Today, Loi Loi embraces a somewhat economical setup but maximizes on a suite of atmospheric effects, original samples, and a multi-tiered song structure.

” Loi Loi highlights the universal power of women through sounds & visuals that elevate femme empowerment against all aspects of adversity.¨ – Impose Magazine

“The duo’s song and video are reminiscent of late 90’s Le Tigre meets Deee-Lite. Short blasts of pop-y, dance-y fun” – Brightest Young Things


February 2, 2019 8:00 PM


February 2, 2019 11:00 PM

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