Outdoor Benefit Celebration w/tons of Live Music @ Idiom Brewing Co.

Rockin’ Cuz We Rollin’

A couple months ago a few local bands and acts were gracious enough to lend their talents via live streams to help raise money to help our lovely friend Imani get the mobility van she needs to get around town. She’s rollin’ y’all!! So it’s time to celebrate!!!

We got Jack Funk. We got Marshal Fuzz. We got Buffalo Crow. We got Marzy Maddox. We got Young Skittles. We got Evan Delsack. We got the Pom Poms. We got The Dirty Middle. We also have the man himself E.J. Atkins, and last but certainly not least we have Imani herself playing some lovely music for our listening pleasure.

Thanks to Idiom Brewing Co for hosting! We will be at their outside area on the creek so wear those sunglasses. Show is free but please feel free to tip the bands because they are donating their time and talents to make sure we all have a great time. There will be a donation box and there is also a gofundme page up for Imani because, although her and the fam are on the road, they could still use help with the monthly payments. Alright, see everyone Sunday, July 11th, Idiom Brewing Co on Carroll Creek. Here’s the Facebook event too.



July 11, 2021 2:00 PM


July 11, 2021 9:00 PM

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This event has no entrance fee

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340 E Patrick St, Suite 104