Reading Civil War Letters: A Conversation with Peter Carmichael

Join Peter Carmichael of Gettysburg College’s Civil War institute for a lively discussion on Saturday February 23 at 2:30 at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. Professor Carmichael will hand out to participants copies of wartime letters from soldiers on both sides. Attendees will have an opportunity to read and reflect upon the words of men who served in the rank-and-file.

The letters draw from Pete’s most recently published book The War for the Common Soldier: How Men Thought, Fought, and Survived in Civil War Armies. This book is a History Book Club best seller and reviewed in the Wall Street Journal.

Please come and join Professor Carmichael for a discussion on the lives and letters of Billy Yank and Johnny Reb. Attendees are encouraged to pick up The War for the Common Soldier, which is available for sale at the Museum gift shop.

The cost of the program is included with museum admission and is FREE for museum members.


February 23, 2019 2:30 PM


February 23, 2019 3:30 PM

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48 E Patrick St