Reclaiming the Divine Feminine & Sacred Womb

Join Rabiah in Reclaiming ourselves spiritually as we explore ancestral connections, healing breath, drumming, singing, and dance s we share stories that empower ourselves.

For women and teens aged 15 & up

Through Spring of Light Rabiah, has worked for the last 15 years to educate the public about the need to work together to find solutions that will benefit the world community at large and at the same time tailor it to their respective localities. She has attended the UN Conference on Women and Indigenous Peoples for several years. She works with a large network of women and men to grow ideas of sustainable resources through the exchange of culture and tradition. She has been successful in developing partnerships in Guatemala, NZ ((Maori), a village in Senegal and Burkina Faso, as well as Native American Communities and others in the US. As an advocate for healing of the planet by healing ourselves Rabiah works as an energy healer
and seer.

She teaches workshops on how to connect energetically with all things, plants, trees, animals and of course humans. She also hosts retreats connecting women especially, with the Divine Feminine energy and helps them to integrate the energy of the Divine Mother whose presence on the planet is strongly felt but sometimes becomes perplexing to those unfamiliar with the
changes they feeling their lives. She is available for mentoring and workshops by appointment. She also conducts tours to learn from Indigenous elders in many lands. Her mission is to help bring in the Divine Feminine energy forward for the healing of the Earth and to help bring in the light in all of us.


January 25, 2020 1:00 PM


January 25, 2020 5:00 PM

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