Relief Printmaking with Visiting Artist Anna Hepler

Anna Hepler will lead a workshop on relief printmaking using a letter press with pressure printing and reduction woodprints.

The Vandercook proofing press – traditionally used to print galleys of lead type – is a wonderful image-making tool. Whether for woodcut, reduction linocut, pressure printing, or relief rolled etching, the Vandercook allows for easy registration and the application of a consistent layer of ink. This workshop will capitalize on those features and explore two printing techniques: pressure printing, and color reduction woodcut.

Pressure printing – For this technique, each participant will generate low relief imagery using cardboard, fabric, string, tape, and any other collage material apporpriate for the press. Much like a collagraph, this low relief surface is then printed against and an inked “flat”, locked in the bed of the press. The results are ghostly impressions of detailed low reliefs that reveal the intricate surfaces from which they are made.

Color redution woodcut – In this process, a block is carved, then printed, then carved some more, printed in a new color (on top of the first print), carved again, etc. until many layers compose the final print. The resulting prints are gorgeous colorful and layered. A perfect technique for the letterpress where registration is breeze!


April 28, 2019 9:00 AM


April 28, 2019 12:00 PM

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Two Day Workshop

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217 W Patrick St