Future Post Office Redevelopment

A red bricked building is featured here. Trees are planted around the building.

Downtown Frederick Partnership is committed to advocating for the redevelopment of the Post Office site.

Redevelopment would include retaining the retail post office either on site or in close proximity and relocating the remaining uses. Click here to view Downtown Frederick Partnership’s full policy statement on the redevelopment of the post office site.

In September 2016, the Partnership together with the City of Frederick’s Planning and Economic Development Departments and East Frederick Rising held two public input sessions and a public presentation related to the Post Office site in Downtown Frederick. The first day sessions provided an opportunity for community members to proactively provide input on site opportunities and the community’s vision for the site. The public presentation offered a summary of the ideas generated, along with analysis by the consultant team. The final report from the two-day design process can be downloaded here.