In partnership with The City of Frederick and the Tourism Council of Frederick County, Downtown Frederick Partnership is testing a new holiday lighting technique in Downtown Frederick for the upcoming holiday season.

The new holiday lights will be installed in trees along Market and Patrick Streets in advance of the holiday season and will be unveiled at sundown during Frosty Friday, Friday November 23, 2018.

While researching other city lighting approaches, Downtown Frederick Partnership visited nearby cities to see the new proposed lighting in person. With this new approach, the trunks and branches of trees along Patrick and Market Streets will be wrapped in LED lights. This pilot project will be tested for the 2018 holiday season and evaluated in early 2019. The new holiday lighting will provide cohesion and uniformity among the lights in Downtown Frederick and the Partnership is excited to test this new approach.

The total project cost is approximately $125,000 and the Partnership has already received $65,000 towards the project. A fund has been set up at the Community Foundation of Frederick County to raise the additional $60,000 needed for the project. Gifts received to the fund will be used for the purchase of new LED lighting, outdoor extension cords, and labor costs.


Help us make the new lighting a reality.

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Checks may be mailed to the Community Foundation at 312 East Church Street, Frederick, Maryland, 21701 with “Holiday Lights Fund” noted in the memo line. The Partnership has hired Choice Plantings to complete the installation of the holiday lights. Choice Plantings is a certified woman owned company located in Maryland and has more than 25 years of experience in interior and exterior plant services and holiday decoration.

Sponsor a Tree for the 2018/2019 season! More info here – Holiday Lights Sponsorship

Thank you to our tree sponsors:
  • Arleen & Steve Chafitz
  • Ceresville Masonry, LLC.
  • Cowork Frederick
  • EDCO
  • Edgeworks Knife & Supply
  • Embrace Home Loans
  • Essential Systems Solutions
  • Firestone’s Tavern, Raw Bar and Market
  • Frederick County Bank
  • Frederick Investors
  • GeoTech Radon Services
  • Karlys & Tom “Klynch”
  • Don & Becky Linton
  • The Logo Shack
  • Miles & Stockbridge P.C.
  • Morgan-Keller, Inc
  • The Pasta Palette
  • Proper Insurance
  • Rupppert Companies
  • Steve & Carole Heine
  • Sweet Clover
  • The Will Group @ Merrill Lynch
  • Trail House
  • William E Cross Foundation
  • Woodsboro Bank
  • Yakabod

Thank you to the following supporters who have made a donation to the Holiday Lights Project:
  • Mr Mark Amberg
  • Anonymous
  • Mr & Mrs Joseph W Baldi
  • Mr Robert Bennett
  • Ms Renee Bourassa
  • Mr Jeff & Ms Joanna Button
  • Mr Matt & Ms Rebecca Carrado
  • Mr & Mrs John Chandler
  • Ms Amy Benton Chase & Mr Tom Chase
  • The City of Frederick
  • Ms Lisa Collins
  • Ms Siobhan Connellan
  • Curious Iguana
  • Mr Timothy Custer
  • Custom Imprints
  • Dr & Mrs B Franklin Cooling
  • Dancing Bear Toys and Gifts
  • Mr Ken Daniel
  • Ms Danielle & Mr Colin Doll
  • Ms Melinda Donegan, in memory of Jennie Waltrip
  • FirstEnergy Foundation
  • Ms Michelle Flanagan
  • Mr Nathan Foster
  • Mr & Mrs Michael Fraley
  • Ms Christine Friis
  • Ms Shelly Fry
  • Ms Kimberly & Mr Fred Genau
  • Mr William Greer
  • Ms Helen & Mr Ted Gregory
  • Mr Mark Gregory
  • Ms Diana Halleman
  • Ms Susan Hardey
  • Mr Roger Hoffman
  • Ms Theresa Hofmeister
  • Dr & Mrs Kevin Hogan
  • Ms Marlene Johnson
  • Ms Cynthia Kaminsky
  • Ms Mel Lorence
  • Ms Karyn Lovins
  • Ms Ashley Mancinelli
  • Ms Jacqueline & Mr Benjamin Messner
  • Morgan-Keller, Inc
  • Mr & Mrs Dennis M. Murphy
  • Ms Kara Norman & Mr Tom Delaney
  • Pools, Patios & Porches
  • Mrs Anne G. Rhodes
  • Mr and Mrs Mark Reeth
  • Mr James and Mrs Yvonne Reinsch
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  • Ms Tina Seymour
  • Mr James and Ms Julia Schaeffer
  • Ms Theresa Smith
  • Mr & Mrs Benjamin D Sneed
  • Ms Victoria Stright
  • The Honorable and Mrs John H Tisdale
  • Mrs Melissa Tucker
  • The Tourism Council of Frederick County
  • Ms Ann Walker
  • Ms Mary Anne Wampler
  • Ms S. McDonald Willems
  • The Wine Kitchen on the Creek
  • Ms Megan & Mr Andy Wright
  • Ms Kathryn Zepp-Imhoff
  • Mr & Mrs Michael Zimmerman



Why the change to the holiday lights?

After receiving feedback about the holiday lights, staff from the Tourism Council of Frederick County and the Partnership researched and visited other city lighting techniques and identified a style that would work well in Downtown Frederick.

What does the $125,000 cover?

The total project cost for year one is $125,000. This includes purchasing new, matching LED lights, outdoor extension cords and labor costs for installation. After year one, the project cost will decrease to approximately $60,000 because the Partnership will own the lights and cords and use those moving forward.

How much did the holiday lights cost previously?

The City of Frederick has previously spent approximately $100,000 annually on holiday lighting in Downtown Frederick. Of this, $15,000 spent was cash and the remaining $85,000 covered staff costs to install and remove the lights.

How were the locations of the lights identified?

The Partnership worked with Choice Plantings to identify the trees that could be easily lit using the power throughout Downtown Frederick. The Partnership also followed the previous lighting path that the City of Frederick used when lighting trees.

You said this is a test… what if we don’t like the lights?

After the lights are installed this fall, The City of Frederick, Tourism Council and Partnership will evaluate the impact of the lights. Feedback from the community will be important in this process, too. If you have feedback about the lights, please send it to If the partners and community would like to return to the previous style, the Partnership will give the new lights to the City of Frederick to use for the 2019 holiday season.

How can I support the project?

Donations to the project can be made through the fund that was created at The Community Foundation of Frederick County. Donations can be made online or by mailing a check to: The Community Foundation of Frederick County, 312 E Church St, Frederick, MD 21701, with “Holiday Lights Fund” noted in the memo line.

What does this lighting style look like in other cities?

Below are examples of similar lighting techniques, which are used in cities across the world.