Each winter, the trees that line Market and Patrick Streets are wrapped in and aglow with lights to celebrate Downtown Frederick and the holiday season.

The lights are a special tradition begun by the City of Frederick and continued by Downtown Frederick Partnership and provide a wonderful, warm ambiance while exploring the many businesses that call Downtown Frederick home.

In 2018, Downtown Frederick Partnership took on the holiday lights project from the City of Frederick. Each year, the organization and the City of Frederick have partnered to bring residents, visitors and businesses the magic that is the holiday lights. In 2018, the Partnership hired Choice Plantings to install the holiday lights and continues to work with them today. Choice Plantings is a certified woman owned company located in Maryland and has more than 25 years of experience in interior and exterior plant services and holiday decoration.

Thank you to the many partners who have helped bring the project to fruition in 2018 and continue to support the holiday lights: The City of Frederick, Visit Frederick, Delaplaine Foundation/Bettie Delaplaine Memorial Grant

Support the Holiday Lights in Downtown Frederick.

Make a Donation

Checks may be mailed to the Community Foundation at 312 East Church Street, Frederick, Maryland, 21701 with “Holiday Lights Fund” noted in the memo line.

Sponsor a Tree for the 2020/2021 season!

Supporters have the opportunity to sponsor a tree for the 2020/2021 season for $500. The benefits of this highly visible opportunity are listed below:

  • Sponsor name displayed on tree between November 2020 – March 2021
  • Name listed below on website
  • Listed in press release at conclusion of season thanking tree sponsors

If you would like to sponsor a tree, please complete the form below and email to danielle@downtownfrederick.org or mail to Downtown Frederick Partnership, 19 E Church St, Frederick, MD 21701.

More info here: Holiday Lights Sponsorship


Thank you to our 2020/2021 tree sponsors:

  • Bates Architects LLC
  • Bon Bon & The No Tones (Betsy, Bonnie, Carole, Karlys & Tracey)
  • Ms Patty & Mr Don Burgess
  • Ms Arleen & Mr Steve Chafitz
  • Ms Angela & Mr Chris Chase
  • Ms Carla & Mr Seth Clarke
  • Ms Krista & Mr BJ Davisson
  • Embrace Home Loans
  • Essential Systems Solutions
  • Firestone’s Culinary Tavern and Firestone’s Market
  • Frederick Lumber Company
  • Karlys & Tom “Klynch”
  • Maryland Sunrooms
  • Maryland Title Center, LLC
  • Moore Wealth
  • Ms Kelly Russell
  • Ruppert Landscape
  • The Trail House
  • Tuscan Blue Design
  • Visit Frederick
  • William E Cross Foundation
  • Yakabod Federal Solutions, Inc.

Thank you to the following supporters who have made a donation to the Holiday Lights Project in 2020/2021:

  • Ms Kimberly Anstine
  • Ms Laurie Ballow
  • Ms Suzanne Beal
  • Ms Loretta Beckman
  • Mr Robert Bennett
  • Ms Robin Boucher
  • Mr Kevin Bruce
  • Ms Rebecca & Mr Matt Carrado
  • Ms Amy Benton & Mr Tom Chase
  • Ms Kim Chaney & Dr Ron McCurdy
  • Mr Terry Collins
  • Rev Barbara Kershner Daniel & Dr Kenneth Daniel
  • Ms Krista & Mr Bernard Davisson
  • Mr Thomas Davy
  • Mr Randy Delsack, in honor of Mr Bob Berberich
  • Mr & Mrs Attilio Demarco, in memory of Libby Meillier
  • Mr & Mrs Donald Deering
  • Ms Carol Ducane
  • Ms Mary Eldred
  • Ms Elaine Entersz, in memory of Janet Entersz
  • Ms Erica Eyler, in memory of David J. Wilson
  • Ms Helen & Mr Ted Gregory
  • Mr Bill Grooms
  • Ms Tara Hays, in memory of Kay Oswald
  • Ms Amy Hill
  • Ms Audrey Hillard
  • Ms Cindy Hock
  • Ms Lucy & Mr Kevin Hogan
  • Mr & Mrs Fabion Husson
  • Ms Karen Justice
  • Loud Industries, LLC
  • Ms Kate McDermott
  • Mr Christopher McKenna
  • Ms Eileen Mitchell
  • Ms Sandra & Mr Dennis Murphy
  • Ms Michelle Nusum-Smith
  • Mr Scott Oliver
  • Ms Jennifer Ortiz, in memory of Joan Gormley
  • Ms Jacqueline Peabody
  • Ms Cecilia Plante
  • Ms & Mr Terry E Poole
  • Ms Beth Ramacciotti
  • Ms Laura Reeth
  • Ms Anne Rhodes
  • Mr & Mrs Bryan Scheck
  • Ms Regina Schowalter
  • Smoke Signals Smokeshop
  • Ms Michele Trdina
  • Mrs & Mr Mark Walker
  • Ms S. McDonald Wellens
  • Ms Laura Voelker
  • Ms Cynthia Zimmerman, in memory of Bette and Dennis Khan

Many thanks to the generous residents and businesses who are helping power trees in 2020/2021:

  • Ms Georgette Calomeris
  • Ms Tiziana Cavinato & Mr Scott Durum
  • Mr Michael Chapline
  • Ms Maisie & Mr Jan Dokonal
  • Ms Cindy & Mr Dan Dwyer
  • Mr Chris Grooms & Ms Jackie Clarke
  • Hootch & Banter
  • Ms Jane & Mr Geary Hufstedler
  • Ms Katherine Hunter
  • Mr Nate Jones
  • Ms Gina & Mr Brad Palmer
  • Mr Mike Simons
  • Ms Lynn Silvey & Mr Paul Minchoff



Why the change to the holiday lights?

After receiving feedback about the holiday lights, staff from the Tourism Council of Frederick County and the Partnership researched and visited other city lighting techniques and identified a style that would work well in Downtown Frederick. This technique was tested in 2018/2019 and is moving forward for 2019/2020.

What does the $66,000 cover?

In year one new, matching LED lights and outdoor extension cords were purchased and these lights and cords will be used again for 2019/2020. The new cost covers labor for installation and removal of the holiday lights and GFI outlet protectors.

How much did the holiday lights cost the City of Frederick previously?

The City of Frederick has previously spent approximately $100,000 annually on holiday lighting in Downtown Frederick. Of this, $15,000 spent was cash and the remaining $85,000 covered staff costs to install and remove the lights.

How were the locations of the lights identified?

The Partnership worked with Choice Plantings to identify the trees that could be easily lit using the power throughout Downtown Frederick. The Partnership also followed the previous lighting path that the City of Frederick used when lighting trees.

How can I support the project?

Donations to the project can be made through the fund that was created at The Community Foundation of Frederick County. Donations can be made online or by mailing a check to: The Community Foundation of Frederick County, 312 E Church St, Frederick, MD 21701, with “Holiday Lights Fund” noted in the memo line.