Our Story

Aventure Away was born out of a weekend B&B trip to St. Michaels, MD where we split our time playing Yoshi’s Wooly World and Magic the Gathering at the local bar.  Happy hour was ending as we completed our third game of MTG, that was when we came up with the idea of a B&B experience unlike any other.  A weekend event where couples or friends enjoy games.

Check into our D&D B&B

  • COMFORTABLE ROOMS: Stay in a relaxed Bed & Breakfast atmosphere. We arrange local accommodations and food while you emerse yourself into another world.
  • WE GOT GAME: Our experienced Game Master will lovingly prepare a module for you to explore. Bring your Adventurers League characters, home-brew characters, or create a new one.  All levels welcome!
  • ALL THE FOOD: Elevenses galore! Meals, snacks, and beverages (non-alcohol).  This B&B provides more than just breakfast.




14 E Patrick St