Vintage, art, stories, and possibility. Your vintage curator, Bethany B.

Entertain guests in the Club Room! Enjoy your friends and family in the laid-back shopping lounge. BYOB. No store owner ushering you out. No waiter politely letting you know that they need to close out your bill. The hall, kitchen, and even bathrooms are decorated with things that are for sale; you can literally shop the house!

Get your art on in the Creativity Cavern! Repurpose and make art with all kinds of vintage bits and pieces. Choose collage, mosaics, gold leafing, or a reclaimed treasure transformation project. And unlike most commercial venues, you can BYOB and you can stay much longer than 2 hours before the staff start politely encouraging you to finish up your masterpiece.

Shop Online, then stop by the monthly Pick-Up Lounge! Visit CelebrateVintage AEI on Etsy. Most listings are Vintage Vignettes, meaning you get the duo, trio or five-o listed. It is a self-contained vignette for your tabletop or bookshelf. Then come to Frederick to enjoy this delightful small city and pick up your treasures which will be wrapped and ready for you.



263 W Patrick St