12 weeks, 10 hours per week. In this internship, you’ll pretend you have your own agency and we are your client. Using all you’ve learned to date in school, you’ll conduct research to understand our business, marketing goals and challenges, and then work with us to design a digital marketing campaign (or two). It will be a quick 12 weeks, and the underlying goal is for you to gain and learn from the experience of working with a “client” and developing a plan. If there’s time, you’ll create and publish an initial batch of content based on the agreed-upon plan, assess campaign performance, and recommend adjustments. Along the way, you’ll also help with creating content for our existing campaigns and other daily tasks.


TO APPLY: Read additional details and click link to apply here:  coworkfrederick.com/internship-digital-marketing-strategist

Contact: 122 E Patrick St