Cowork Frederick is hiring! We have an immediate opening for a part-time Program / Event Coordinator. In this role, you will assist us with organizing, promoting, and sometimes running, events such as lunch and learns, networking socials, and head shot photo days. Some events will be part of larger programs that you will also help coordinate.

You’ll start with our “Artist of the Month” program, organizing and overseeing all aspects of the program, including a monthly “Frederick Artists Night” (FAN) event. You’ll wear a lot of hats and own the success of the program.

Your first week you’ll be given a crash course on the program and be shown how to use the tools you’ll need. The program will then be handed over to you to run (with our support, of course). Soon thereafter, we’ll begin adding new events and programs.

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Education / Experience: Marketing, Hospitality/Event Planning, Business

Tools you’ll use: Canva, MS Word or Google Docs, Slack, WordPress, Socialbee, Facebook Events

Time commitment: On average, 20 hours a week (may vary week to week), mostly on site, but some remote work is OK. We will agree on a schedule that works for both of us. NOTE: You will be asked to work FAN events, 1st Saturdays, from 3pm to 9pm.

Wages: $20,000 / year (salary – works out to roughly $20/hr) – paid on the 1st and 15th of the month

Benefits: $2000 annual training allowance, no work on major holidays, Full-time (“All-in”) Cowork Frederick membership


  • Line up artists, musicians, caterers, photographers, poets, etc., for our art program
  • Gather information and generate content to be used in social media posts, flyers and posters and on the Cowork Frederick and Cowork Frederick Foundation websites
  • Create and post flyers, blogs, posters, social media posts, ads, etc.
  • Add events to Facebook and to the Cowork Frederick website event calendar
  • Handle all communication related to the programs and events you run
  • Coordinate / Schedule tasks with artists, speakers, caterers, etc. as needed
  • Work FAN events, 3 pm to 9 pm each First Saturday
  • Assist with routine operational tasks (watering plants, taking out trash, light cleaning, etc.)
  • Provide a weekly status report of activities and progress toward goals

General Expectations

  • Attitude – We have “playground rules”, like being considerate, to which all must adhere. In addition, we want you to approach your role with integrity, leadership and a can-do attitude.
  • Laptop – Everyone at Cowork Frederick uses their own computers, so you’ll need to bring a laptop you can use for your work. We’ll give you access to our network, software, and the files you need.
  • Prerequisite Skills – You must have basic computer skills and be able to effectively use common social media platforms. You must have excellent communication skills, be able work independently (once given direction) and effectively manage your time to complete tasks. The person in this role should be a “people person”.
  • Parking – We do not have dedicated parking. There are two parking garages within a block of our location. That said, we encourage walking, biking, car-pooling and taking public transportation.
  • Work schedule – We’ll work with you to agree on a work schedule up front, then expect you to adhere that schedule.
Contact: 122 E Patrick St