The Apprentice Ensemble is a collection of college age theatre students dedicated to training in the art of theatre through ensemble practice, civic engagement, workshop practice, on the job training, and mentorship guided by MET Ensemble Members.

The intention of the program is to give future theatre professionals dynamic training and experience in the field. Through the year, each student will learn from the MET Ensemble, work on a variety of productions and programs to gain experience in theatre and nonprofit management. Apprentices attend workshops in theatre (MET orientation, training on equipment, team building, group work, leadership, make-up, design, lighting, etc) lead by the MET team and special guests.

Apprenticeships last for one semester or the whole season (September – June). This may include paid positions, unpaid positions, and volunteering for events or other volunteer positions. Students may get college credit (3 credits per term). An application and two (2) letters of recommendation (one by a theatre teacher or professional in the field and one non-family member adult reference) are required in order to be considered.


How to Apply: Contact us to introduce yourself and get the application started. 301-694-4744

Contact: 31 W Patrick St 301.694.4744