General Manager

Details: Full Time Salary with full company paid health benefits and 401K optionality. Bonus and raises frequent.

Reports To: Ownership, Vice-President

Description: The General Manager is responsible for the presentation, staffing and management of the tasting room and cocktail bar. Inventory management, staff management and training, and guest experience quality assurance are the priorities of this position.

Responsibilities and Duties

Staff Management

  • Set schedules in a timely manner to accommodate events and conflicts
  • Maintain the company culture and atmosphere that has been created
  • Train all new employees and keep a thorough knowledge of the products and operations in both the tasting room and cocktail bar
  • Review staff performance and make corrective actions to reward and discipline all tasting room staff
  • Ensuring Team leaders are maintaining efficient and productive operations with employees
  • Maintaining procedures and operations for day-to-day staff


  • Inventory management of all spirits, non-alcoholic consumables, on-site marketing materials, merchandise, and disposable goods (cups, paper towels etc.) as well as janitorial and other sanitary supplies
  • Purchasing and resupplying inventory needs as well as any other items that may be required for operations
  • Tracking and analyzing sales numbers and trends
  • Maintaining a clean and presentable environment for guests

Cocktail Bar

  • Maintaining the existing recipes for the cocktails and mocktails for the Back Bar and come up with seasonal variants for the flexible menu
  • Maintaining fidelity for all cocktails made in the bar
  • Bartend and work in the cocktail bar as needed

Additional Responsibilities

  • Interview and hire new employees as needed
  • Identify and resolve potential guest relations issues efficiently and professionally


  • Management Experience in the Service Industry
  • Organizational skills and good work ethic required.
  • Ability to manage and organize teams and employees
  • Ability to adapt and take direction from supervisor.
  • High School or GED required

To apply please email

Contact: 35 S Carroll St