Sue Leveille

Give Rise Studio: 106 N Market St

Saying Give Rise Studio is my dream is an understatement. Along with the community, we can create positive change by slowing down and tapping into our own ability to heal, thrive and express ourselves. I’m providing a venue for workshops, classes, opportunities, events and rentals to support creativity, health and joy. These events are hosted and facilitated by the community for our community. I am grateful to teach movement and jewelry making but my main focus is finding other instructors! I have many years of experience in art/craft, retail, management, professional/personal development and customer care. What lies underneath is my passion to encourage creativity, movement and ultimately support individuals to see their value and ability to create positive change for themselves and those around them. The Studio started as a project and now, as of July 1st, I can dedicate all my time to Give Rise Studio’s impact & growth.

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