Preferred Site for the Police Headquarters

Downtown Frederick Partnership is committed to working with the City of Frederick to retain the City Police Headquarters in Downtown Frederick

Why Downtown Frederick?

Consistent with Adopted City Policy

  • As stated in a joint resolution adopted November 11, 1994, “… in a strong commitment to continued economic vitality of downtown Frederick, the Board of County Commissioners of Frederick County and the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Frederick have as their policy the retention and expansion of government services in downtown Frederick City.”
  • As identified in the City’s adopted 2010 Comprehensive Plan:
    • Economic Development Policy 2: Implementation Action 6: “Retain all levels of government facilities/services within the City, with a primary emphasis on downtown Frederick as the County Seat.”
    • Economic Development Policy 6: “Maintain and enhance downtown’s role as the hub of government, art, culture and commerce.”
    • Municipal Growth Policy 3: Implementation Action 1: “Continue to assess appropriate land for the construction of a central police headquarters.”

Police Department Functionality

  • Proximity to the Courthouse.
  • Need to share information between the Police and the Frederick County State’s Attorney.
  • Need to move evidence – fewest trips and exchanges to preserve integrity of the evidence and reduce opportunities for errors.
  • Proximity to City Hall – Mayor, Human Resources and City Attorney – allows Police to work more efficiently.
  • Cooperation between City, County, State and Federal governmental entities is supported by working in close proximity, chance meetings on the street create opportunities for innovation.

Economic Development

  • Government is a key anchor in a downtown, collectively serving as the area’s largest employer.
  • Government is a part of creating a positive multiplier effect on the Downtown Frederick economy, increasing the economic viability of locally owned businesses.

Potential Sites

With an understanding of the Police Department’s criteria for a possible site for a new headquarters building, the Partnership has identified the following potential opportunities:

Potomac Edison Site

  • Meets and exceeds the required acreage.
  • Provides an opportunity for multiple means of egress.
  • Furthers efforts to revitalize the east side of Downtown Frederick.
  • Provides an opportunity to achieve overall goals for Downtown Frederick in addition to the development of the police headquarters – land not needed for the police could be devoted to other community identified needs.
  • Would require cooperation of the utility that owns the site; City leverage is likely to be needed to move this property into redevelopment; City potentially could trade property for the site.


  • Meets and exceeds the required acreage.
  • Provides an opportunity for multiple means of egress.
  • Furthers efforts to revitalize the east side of Downtown Frederick.
  • May be impacted by the lack of clear development time frame.

Building Design

Regardless of the site selected, the Partnership recommends that the building design be a further extension of the Police Department’s role in the community, reflecting the strong and mutually beneficial relationship between the police force and the general community. The building should reflect our aspirations for a community that is safe for all. The building also should set an example for quality design and be supportive of our community policing goals.

Adopted by the Partnership Board August 20, 2018.

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