Diversity in Downtown Frederick

Downtown Frederick Partnership condemns racism and injustice. The organization is committed to creating an atmosphere that doesn’t just accept diversity, but demands it, to promoting and supporting the diverse-owned businesses and residents which call Downtown Frederick home, and to making our community a more inclusive place.

For more than 30 years, Downtown Frederick Partnership has worked to make our community a better place. This city is our home, its residents are our neighbors and we recognize how fortunate we are to live and work here — a place that’s filled with energy, excitement, passion and drive, a place where no two people are exactly alike but we’re all dedicated to building a better tomorrow.

Much of our work revolves around Downtown Frederick’s small business community — the people and places that create the vibrant spirit that attracts so many of us to Frederick. When you shop or dine downtown, it’s so much more than a simple transaction. You’re a neighbor supporting a neighbor, a stranger turned friend, a favorite regular or a welcomed first-time visitor. Getting to know a business is pretty easy, just walk in the door and say hello. We wanted to expand that conversation and give our business owners a chance to introduce themselves by self-identifying in a new way on our website.

The Partnership recognizes that this is a critical time for community organizations to step outside of their own work and reevaluate the way they do business — to create an atmosphere that doesn’t just accept diversity, but demands it. We know that hard conversations need to continue in order for real change to happen.

Adopted by the Partnership Board May 2020

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