Calling Dr. Freud



Calling Dr. Freud” is being created in the hopes of opening up more dialogue in our community to challenge the norms that build shame, secrecy, and the huge misunderstandings that lurk within the topic of mental illness. “Calling Dr. Freud will take place on Friday, May 17 & Saturday, May 18 at New Spire Stages in downtown Frederick.


This community driven production will be what is known as “devised theatre” or a collective creation, which includes real life stories, narratives, performance art, all derived from real people, real experiences, and shared works.


The beauty of theatre is the ability to, often in unexpected and magical ways, change perceptions and long-held beliefs on a given topic. “By utilizing people with lived experience in the creative and artistic process, there is no better way to educate, and abandon long-held beliefs that have no basis of fact or truth. For too long, mental illness has been misunderstood, and our ability to truly and compassionately support ourselves and others is extremely difficult, if not sometimes impossible. That is how “Calling Dr. Freud” will be built.


We aim to open hearts, minds, souls, and stimulate much needed discussion to raise awareness and debunk the myths and stigma so often associated with mental health. There is so much to be done by those of us who get it, have it, work on it and want change. It is our job to speak up and help educate others about what it is like living with mental illness and the numerous threats and hurts that ride with it.


The final product you will see on the stage will be a visual, auditory and total sensory mix of drama and humor, incorporated into acting, music, dance and production elements that will be the audience’s invitation into an impactful, entertaining, and informative experience for all.  


It might even change your life.


For more information, please call MaryLynn Hinde at 240-285-6171


May 18, 2019 7:30 PM


May 18, 2019 9:00 PM

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115 E Church St