Increase MARC Train Service to Downtown Frederick

Downtown Frederick Partnership is committed to achieving increased MARC train service to Downtown Frederick.

Support for Constructing a Point of Rocks Station Platform

The Partnership supports building a new Point of Rocks Station platform to increase weekday MARC service to Downtown Frederick. The MARC Brunswick line provides service between Washington DC and Martinsburg WV at four stations in Frederick County: Brunswick, Point of Rocks, Monocacy and Downtown Frederick. Three eastbound morning trains and three westbound afternoon trains serve the Downtown Frederick station each weekday. A total of nine trains (nine in the morning and nine in the afternoon) travel through the Point of Rocks Station each weekday. Of these nine trains, three travel on to Downtown Frederick.

Under the current arrangement, trains bound for Frederick cannot stop at the Point of Rocks station due to the lack of a platform. As a result, trains serving Downtown Frederick pass through but do not board or discharge passengers at the Point of Rocks station. Building the platform will accommodate more Frederick bound weekday MARC service. With the new platform, the Point of Rocks station will experience improved service because all trains on the MARC Brunswick line will be able to stop at this station.

Benefits of Increased MARC Train Service

Economic Development

  • Additional weekday trains makes Downtown Frederick a more attractive business location.
  • Expanded train service helps to attract more downtown residents, increasing a resident’s opportunity to reach a wider range of job opportunities within a reasonable commute. Increasing the number of downtown residents is a priority of the Partnership, supporting our local economy while providing a high quality of life.
  • Increased transit ridership opens up business opportunities.


  • Increased regional access to MARC.
  • Improved flexibility for all riders of the Brunswick MARC line.
  • Improved access to the Metro rail system and the DC market.
  • Offers the 3,000+ people living within a half mile radius of the downtown station the opportunity to walk to the train, eliminating the need to travel by car.

Limited Investment/High Return

  • A new Point of Rocks Station platform will permit MARC to maximize the effectiveness of their operations by providing more commuting options without adding trains. The platform would allow for trains currently in service to travel northbound to serve the Downtown Frederick station.
  • According to data from ESRI, more than 180,000 people live within a ten mile radius of the Downtown Frederick station, more than double the number of people living within a ten mile radius of either the Point of Rocks or Brunswick Stations.


  • Improved air quality due to reduced auto dependence

City Policy

  • Achieves the goals identified in the City’s adopted 2010 Comprehensive Plan including:
    • Policy TE 3: Promote the MARC train station vicinity as a multimodal transportation hub and a mixed-use development area.
    • Policy TE 13: Promote the development of a complete Multimodal Center close to the downtown MARC Station.
    • Policy HE 4: Promote higher-density residential and pedestrian-friendly development within walking distance (a 10-minute walk) of existing and planned public transit routes (including the MARC station).

Adopted by the Partnership Board December 17, 2018

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