At the Center for Mind-Body Therapies, we recognize and embrace the interaction between mind and body in supporting health and healing. Our primary purpose is to offer conventional mental health counseling and complementary healing approaches, including acupuncture, massage therapy, mindfulness meditation and yoga.

We opened our doors in 1995 and since that time have acquired a great deal of experience in applying a mind-body approach to mental and physical healthcare. Our ongoing commitment is to give you the tools, insights, education and support you need to make positive changes.

Our caring group of practitioners offers services and resources that are safe, effective and life enhancing.

Our clinical expertise includes treatment for:

•  Anxiety and depression

•  Stress and difficult life events

•  Substance abuse and addictions

•  Trauma including EMDR


•  Couples in distress

•  Collaborative co-parenting

•  Personal growth and life transitions

•  Self-Awareness and renewal

•  Chronic illnesses

•  Women’s health and nutrition

•  Muscle tension and injury recovery


How to make an appointment:

Appointment required for mental health counseling, acupuncture, and therapeutic massage. No walk-ins.  Please view the practitioner’s list and email or call them directly to inquire about services.




5 N Bentz St