At Ms Caitlin’s School, we want EVERYONE to have a chance to learn blacksmithing, regardless of whether they “look like a blacksmith.” Ms Caitlin joined a group of 10 other professional female blacksmiths & metalworkers in Portland, OR in 2018 to found The Society of Inclusive Blacksmiths, which is still in its incubation stage.

Ms Caitlin hangs out with the misfits and scallywags. She sings loudly and out of tune. She is partial to walks in the rain. But the most important thing is this: Caitlin loves blacksmithing. The Vermont native runs Ms Caitlin’s School in Maryland, which is dedicated to sharing the craft with as many unsuspecting people as possible. She also teaches at other schools across the country. When you first put hammer to hot steel, you want Caitlin there to guide, mentor, and inspire you. She’s good at lighting fires.


Our Mission

To support and promote the craft of blacksmithing, custom-made metalwork, and the blacksmithing community. To support and promote diversity in the blacksmithing community.


Contact Us

We are currently located at 26 West All Saints Street, Frederick, MD 21701. Hours are by appointment only. See availability and sign up here!




26 W All Saints St