Medical Massage.

I specialize in stress related pain. Injuries and discomforts don’t always come from a sport or a worn out pair of shoes. Our bodies are not designed for 8 hour desk jobs, poor nights of sleep, financial burdens, anxiety and other common real life scenarios that drive us to an unhealthy mental space. Our body is our machine and its powered by miraculous chemical reactions that take place in every second of every day. We put the body first because its what we can see, but what about the parts that control it?

My job is to help you find awareness of yourself, the way you feel, realize what real tension is, how to interrupt bad habits by recognizing the actual source of our pain so you can truly reach a better quality of life.

​Some bodies need more than a few exercises and an ice pack. I pursued Massage Therapy to help those with lingering ailments that did not have answers on an MRI, who did not find long term relief with a home exercise program, who are tired of taking pain medication to simply make it through the day. With my qualified knowledge of the body and the understanding of our subconscious bad habits has made me a valuable tool to muscular rehab. There’s more to a muscle than tightness. There’s more to a knot than a trigger point. The most important weapon when it comes to change is education but before that comes awareness. Pain and symptoms are signs of tardiness in self care so please take action at the first sign of discomfort to fix your dysfunction.



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