Locate Government in Downtown Frederick

Downtown Frederick Partnership is committed to working with the City, County, State and Federal governments to locate significant government functions in Downtown Frederick.

Why Downtown Frederick?

Economic Development

  • Government is a key anchor in a downtown, collectively serving as the area’s largest employer.
  • Government is a part of creating a positive multiplier effect on the Downtown Frederick economy, increasing the economic viability of locally owned businesses.
  • Many employers locate in proximity to government (lawyers, engineers, architects, planners) and use the synergies of being able to walk to meetings, walk to deliver plans, etc.
  • Intensive development in the urban center helps to ensure more land in Frederick County remains for agricultural uses.


  • Downtown Frederick is home to the Transit Center providing easy access to the MARC train, Greyhound, TransIT, taxi cabs and bike facilities.
  • Excellent access to I-70 via the East Street interchange.
  • Ease for citizens to locate public services as all are located in close proximity. Even if a citizen mistakenly enters the wrong location, the right location isn’t more than a short walk away.
  • Cooperation between City, County, State and Federal governmental entities is supported by working in close proximity, chance meetings on the street create opportunities for innovation.

Employee Retention

  • The walkable downtown environment provides an amenity for employees to complete errands, exercise or eat lunch.
  • Employees often site a downtown location as a key part of their worklife enjoyment.

Community Center

  • Frederick is the County seat and Downtown Frederick is the traditional heart of this community.
  • Downtown Frederick’s environment – public facilities, public sidewalks, etc – provides a place for civic discourse.

Adopted by the Partnership Board October 21, 2013

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