Redevelopment of the Post Office Site

Downtown Frederick Partnership is committed to advocating for the redevelopment of the Post Office site. Redevelopment would include retaining the retail post office either on site or in close proximity and relocating the remaining uses.

Why redevelop the Post Office Site?

  • The intersection of Patrick and East Streets is a critical location within Downtown Frederick. Currently, the intersection of Market and Patrick Streets is the central point of activity in downtown, featuring a high volume of economic activity, buildings of architectural significance and a lively pedestrian environment. The Patrick and East Streets intersection has the potential to become a second activity focus within downtown.
  • The majority of the post office site currently is utilized for parking and storage. Given Downtown Frederick’s current economic success and future potential, parking and storage do not represent the highest and best uses for this site.
  • A portion of the post office site generates heavy truck traffic that is inconsistent with the adjoining retail, office and residential uses. Given the heavy traffic volumes on East Street, the large trucks present additional traffic challenges and, in some cases, delays.
  • The site is underutilized by the Post Office both in terms of land area and building space.
  • Redevelopment of the site creates an opportunity to develop a stronger retail connection between different portions of Downtown Frederick, East (Everedy Square & Shab Row) and Patrick Streets in particular.
  • Active uses on the site (office, residential and retail) would strengthen the pedestrian connection along Patrick Street.
  • The size of the site creates the opportunity to add a new anchor attraction to Downtown Frederick.
  • Site redevelopment would represent the culmination of several downtown improvements within the past ten years including East Street, the MARC Transit Center, Carroll Creek Park and several significant private developments.
  • The site location calls for a higher and better use as East Street is the new gateway to Downtown Frederick, joining Market Street as the historic gateway. In development, the far left corner (in this case, the Post Office site) is considered the preferable site at a gateway intersection.
  • This key location has direct access to I70 and redevelopment will help integrate the East Street corridor and the remainder of Downtown Frederick.

Site Redevelopment Opportunities

  • The upper floors of a new building on site could be used for residential or office purposes. While residential development is more likely in the current real estate market, either use would further increase the overall economic vitality of Downtown Frederick.
  • The first floor of the new building (both Patrick and East Street frontages) should have retail uses (including restaurants) on the first floor. This retail presence will be key to strengthening pedestrian activity.
  • In redeveloping the employee parking area (south side of Patrick Street), the elevation change on the site presents the opportunity to provide relatively affordable below grade parking.
  • The new development should accommodate the retail portion of the Post Office in some way – either on site or in close proximity.

Adopted by the Partnership Board April 21, 2014

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