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Learn all about the face behind the business as you Shop Independent this Independence Day!

Owning a small business is a labor of love, and we love our small business owners! We asked the businesses of Downtown Frederick to share a short story of why they decided to start their business, what they love about owning a business in Frederick, or just something entertaining about themselves… With more than 250 independent retailers in Downtown Frederick, this is just a small snapshot of some of the familiar faces you’ll see about town. Go out and explore, discover a new shop you’ve never been to, and don’t forget to say hello to the owner! To find a list of all businesses that are currently open, visit

The text shown below each photo is just an excerpt, so don’t forget to click on the picture to read their full story!

  • Michelle Schaffer • North Market Pop Shop

    Coming from a background of science and research, I like to experiment with flavors and create fun experiences for our guests at the Pop Shop. The Pop Shop Freddy is one such creation of bringing together two great things about Frederick which makes a tasty treat for those who come the visit! Learn more about […]

  • Jones, Kaufman, Kirvan, Schaefer, Schofield, Snyder and Yost • Gallery 322

    Gallery 322 is a partnership of 7 artists, with 3 associates. Our contemporary representational art reflects threads from art history, and spans a range of styles and materials and includes paintings, drawings, sculpture and assemblages. This photo, celebrating our 10th anniversary in our beautiful N. Market location, was taken last September. For more information, see […]

  • Anne Warnock, Mark Gagnon, Django Voris • Big Lush Plants & Flowers

    Big Lush Plants & Flowers is a group effort started by three friends, a merchant, a plantsman and an artist who met in NYC and relocated to Frederick, MD. Our shop is a labor of love and the stars of the show are the plants and flowers, and along with our unique objects we bring […]

  • Monica Pearce • Tenth Ward Distilling Company

    Monica Pearce started her career off in the environmental science field getting her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of Maryland, College Park. She spent a year after college living and working in the Galapagos Islands (fun fact!) doing conservation work and then remained in the conservation biology field when she […]

  • Drennan and Catie Hicks • The Trail House

    Catie and Drennan Hicks are the new owners of The Trail House as of early March. For over 35 years, Drennan’s parents Gerry and Clyde Hicks have been the owners of The Trail House but are transitioning over the business so they can retire. Catie and Drennan both had corporate jobs in the Washington, DC […]

  • Paul Thompson • Ec’clectibles

    I “gained my independence” when the national retailer I worked for sold to a company based in California. It had been a wonderful experience, doing the visual merchandising for a 100 store chain, helping to design the new stores and open them, choosing product and helping to set up an additional 100 temporary stores each […]

  • Staci and Bill McLauchlan • DISTRICT Arts

    While living on a boat for 12 years, we participated in several hundred outdoor art festivals around the country, including the Frederick Festival of the Arts. After getting weary of setting up and tearing down a tent 25 weekends a year, we decided to sell the boat, move ashore and open a contemporary art gallery. […]

  • Sue Leveille • Give Rise Studio

    Saying Give Rise Studio is my dream is an understatement. Along with the community, we can create positive change by slowing down and tapping into our own ability to heal, thrive and express ourselves. I’m providing a venue for workshops, classes, opportunities, events and rentals to support creativity, health and joy. These events are hosted […]

  • Marlene and Tom England • Curious Iguana

    Marlene and Tom England opened Curious Iguana, an independent bookstore and benefit corporation, in 2013—just around the corner from their first store, Dancing Bear Toys. Although they rarely read the same book, they agree that these two non-fiction titles are must-reads: “Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You” by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi and “The […]

  • Braeden Bumpers and Tyler Hegamyer • McClintock Distilling

    With almost two decades of combined experience in the alcohol production industry, Braeden and Tyler live and breathe (and drink) spirits. The two longtime friends came back home to Frederick to open up McClintock Distilling in 2015 to bring back the heritage and history of distilling in Maryland. They love sharing their spirits with the […]

  • Alice Orzechowski • Caprikorn Farms

    Alice has been the proud owner of Caprikorn Farms for over 30 years. In that time, Caprikorn Farms’ superior goat’s milk has allowed for the production of high quality goat milk cheeses and goat milk soaps. Find our extensive line of goat soaps at and our delicious goat cheeses at Learn more about […]

  • Maren Good • The Center • Sound • Mind • Body

    The mother-daughter team of Maren and Mari Good are excited to officially open the doors to The Center next week. With decades of experience in our respective fields, look for our upcoming offerings: gong meditations, Acutonics Sound therapy sessions (tuning forks and other sound tools), yoga, Pilates and Corealign sessions, as well as aromatherapy classes […]

  • Jordan Lewis • JKW Beauty

    I started JKW Beauty on a mission to help women see the beauty in themselves and their unique features. I have loved being creative and making people feel good from a little girl. I feel super grateful, even during these times, to create beauty and positive art to put into the world. We need to […]

  • Marien Hornyak • The Kitchenette

    I am not a professionally-trained chef, but I have always enjoyed cooking and baking. When my grant-funded position at an area high school was eliminated, it was time to turn that love of cooking and baking into a business. On September 1st, 2016, The Kitchenette opened its doors for the first time, offering downtown residents […]

  • Chris Sparks • Surelocked In Escape Games

    Once upon a time, there was a family that moved to a tiny town called Ijamsville, MD. We Sparks are happy to call Frederick home and excited to be operate “the family business” in our hometown! Surelocked In Escape Games was born on a family vacation in the summer of 2015 when, while looking for […]

  • Tom and Marlene England • Dancing Bear Toys

    Tom and Marlene England took their first retail plunge in 2000 with the opening of Dancing Bear Toys. Although the store’s year-long 20th anniversary celebration isn’t turning out exactly as planned (thanks, COVID), Tom and Marlene are still having fun. Their favorite games to play when not working? Pit, Rack-o, Mystic Market, and Tenzi! Learn […]

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