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Downtown Frederick Streetscape Study

In 2021, Downtown Frederick Partnership and The City of Frederick engaged Design Collective and RK&K to study the streetscapes of Market and Patrick Streets within Downtown Frederick. This study aimed to create thoughtful design solutions, set priorities and determine a framework for future streetscape improvements for the many users (pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, etc.) and uses (shopping, dining, events, city services, etc.) of the downtown streets.

A critical component throughout the planning effort was to gather public input on existing conditions and feedback on proposed concepts. After two community workshops, a public survey which received 1,932 responses and seven months of study, the City and the Partnership published a final draft report in November 2021. The report observed existing land use patterns, pedestrian circulation patterns, parking conditions, sidewalk conditions, transit patterns, open space, existing tree conditions and placement and provided critical data and insight that can inform how future improvements may best address downtown’s current streetscape limitations. Next steps include additional studies related to parking, traffic and utilities, regulatory recommendations and implementation/funding strategies.

Streetscape Study Results

After a robust public engagement process and the development of design concepts that balance the often-competing needs of those who use the downtown area, the City and the Partnership brought the results from the initial streetscape study, as well as recommendations for future study to further refine the proposed designs, to the November 17 Mayor and Board of Aldermen Workshop. View a recording of the meeting here.

Watch November 17 Workshop

The report observed existing land use patterns, pedestrian circulation patterns, parking conditions, sidewalk conditions, transit patterns, open space and existing tree conditions and placement. Each pattern was analyzed to understand potential opportunities and constraints that exist in the Downtown Frederick streetscape study area that may inform how future improvements best address streetscape limitations.

View Final Draft Report

Public Engagement

Although the project duration is brief, this study has included a robust public engagement process — a survey, discussion during the City of Frederick’s Mayor & Board Workshop, and two virtual public workshops. The survey (which is now closed) received 1,952 responses. Thank you to everyone who participated! See below for recordings of the Mayor & Board and Virtual Public Workshops.

Everyone must contribute to create a community-supported Downtown Frederick Streetscape strategy. It’s important to us that all voices be included, stakeholders hear from each other to appreciate different perspectives, and input is equitable, meaningful, and productive.


Background Info at Mayor & Board

The Downtown Frederick Streetscape Study was discussed at the May 26 Mayor & Board Workshop. View a recording of the meeting here.

Watch May 26 Workshop

Virtual Public Workshops

The Streetscape Study included two virtual public workshops. The first workshop (Wednesday, May 5) had 65 attendees and provided opportunity for open discussion and idea-sharing. Workshop facilitators primarily listened during this workshop, providing initial background information and then opening the remainder of the time to small group discussions. From these conversations, the consultants developed a set of initial design concepts and presented them during the second virtual public workshop on Tuesday, June 22, with nearly 100 people in attendance. Watch the recordings of each virtual public workshop below. The design concepts and ideas discussed in these workshops will contribute to the short-, mid-, and long-term recommendations that will guide future streetscape improvements.

First Virtual Public Workshop on Wednesday, May 5

Second Virtual Public Workshop on Tuesday, June 22

Why now?

Frederick has an opportunity to use the experiences and data collected during the ongoing pandemic to reimagine the Downtown Frederick public streetscape and reinforce long term recovery and continued growth. Downtown Frederick is the hub of culture, commerce and government in the City of Frederick and attracted more than 2 million visitors annually before the pandemic. The current streetscape was successfully implemented in early 1990s when the city undergrounded utilities. However, streetscape deficiencies have become apparent during recent years as downtown has experienced strong revitalization and as the current facilities have aged. Limitations in the current streetscape have been further magnified as result of recent COVID related needs and overall trends toward complete streets supporting multi-modal transportation, accessible pedestrian routes, social distancing, outdoor dining and friendly parking.

Study Area

Market Street (between South & 7th St)

Patrick Street (between Bentz & East St)

For both streets, the Streetscape includes a 60-foot zone from building face to building face

East Street is a part of a separate City CIP


This project is made possible with support from the Ausherman Family Foundation and the City of Frederick’s Department of Economic Development and Planning Department.

Each year, the Partnership tackles strategic initiatives to bring more residents and employees to Downtown Frederick, offers an exciting season of events and works closely with downtown businesses and partners to continue to strengthen and improve Downtown Frederick.