Window Display Resource Page

Designing a great window display is no easy task. You want it to be eye-catching, budget-friendly, low-effort and — above all else — effective! After all, the mark of a great window display is when you sell out of the product that’s in the window. We’ve compiled a few resources to help our Downtown Frederick retailers find a little extra inspiration this holiday season. Please use and share the info collected below, and contact anyone on the Partnership staff if you need any extra advice!

Advice from the Pros


Is your window particularly difficult to design for? We hosted a virtual conversation with nationally-known designer and consultant Amy Meadows, who put 4 businesses in the “hot seat” to help brainstorm window display ideas for them on the spot… while the rest of us listened and learned.


  • Watch Amy’s live window consultations by viewing the “Let’s Talk Windows” webinar recording linked below.

Watch the Recording

One of the best ways to come up with your next great idea is to see what others have done before you. Flip through some of the reference materials that we’ve collected over the years. You never know what sort of inspiration you’ll find!


Putting Your Best Face Forward: a presentation by Downtown Frederick merchants Julie Kennedy, April Reardon and Paul Thompson (click to view)


Made You Look: a presentation by Amy Meadows (click to view)

Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions


We all know that people are going to be doing a lot more walking outdoors this year… so what design layouts, motifs, etc. would you recommend to businesses who want to capture window shoppers and MAKE SALES based on their window display?


What are your favorite materials to use (with bonus points for CHEAP materials) when creating holiday-themed window displays?


Downtown Frederick has windows of every shape, size and configuration… what advice would you give to businesses who struggle with particularly SMALL windows?


Any other advice you want to pass along to the small businesses of Downtown Frederick?


Where to Find your “Window Inspo”

Pinterest is a great resource that’s right at your fingertips! Find DIY tutorials, examples from other businesses and lots of tips from creative minded people all over the world. Some good keywords to use when searching Pinterest: window display, store design, product display, wedding backdrop, party / prom decor, DIY decoration, display design retail

Find a Designer

If you need more than just inspiration and ideas, consider hiring a professional! The following individuals are available to help with everything from the initial idea through final installation. Please contact each person directly if you’re interested in learning rates, etc.

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