The Frederick Coin Exchange is a dynamic, fun, and rewarding place to work. Everyone on the team works hard for our customers all day long to provide them with excellent service in helping them with bullion, coin, and jewelry transactions.

We also work hard to appreciate our dedicated employees through perks, education, team events, and regular performance reviews. Employees of the Frederick Coin Exchange will receive pay consummate to performance/experience, professional opportunities to advance, community focused and progressive leadership, recognition for their hard work and eagerness to learn more, ample paid time off, medical/dental insurance benefits, and a relaxed yet professional environment where you can be you. We celebrate diversity and encourage people of all backgrounds, races, cultures, gender identities, and ethnicities to apply.

This job is only available as local, on-site employment and is not a telework opportunity. Please apply and follow-up online. Walk-in applicants will not be accepted.

Job Requirements: Give our customers the best experience possible buying/selling precious metal products and jewelry; Consistently perform accurate arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division); Adhere to all local, state, and federals laws pertaining to the buying and selling of precious metals and jewelry

Qualifications: An eagerness to learn about precious metals, jewelry, and numismatic items. The ability to give your maximum effort when completing work tasks. Comfortable sitting/standing for the entire (8-9 hour) work day. The ability and visual acuity to perceive small details and marks on coins and jewelry. Comfortable interacting with the public in a professional capacity. The ability to work 40 hours per week, possibly including Saturday shifts. Comfortable using Windows, internet browsers, and basic Google suite applications. English proficient; strong verbal and written skills. The ability to lift at least 50 lbs. The ability to pass a background check. Reliable transportation.

TO APPLY: email

Contact: 20 N East St