post-title Date Night in Downtown Frederick

Date Night in Downtown Frederick

Date Night in Downtown Frederick

Date Night in Downtown Frederick

There is just something about this beautiful, crisp, fall weather that makes us want to embrace the love in the air. Whether you’ve been ringing in fall for numerous seasons with the same person or you’re looking for some new arm candy as we head into this holiday season, Downtown Frederick just so happens to be the perfect place to create a spark AND keep it going. 

If you spent lockdown wishing for a sweetie to share it with, we have some great ideas for first dates that will break the in-person ice. Since you’ve been getting to know each other via FaceTIme, put your phone down and pick your mask up to head downtown for some safe in-person quality time. We’ve done the hard part for you and planned out everything from an early morning meet up to a night together on the town. All that’s left for you to do is explore our picturesque downtown AND the possibility of bringing your quarantine cutie home for the holidays! We’re rooting for you!

On the other end of Cupid’s arrow, maybe you spent lockdown cozied-up to your longtime #1. After over six months under the same roof together, it’s possible that date night has gotten a bit, dare we say, dull? Hey, no worries – it happens in every fairy-tale. Before plotting her grand escape, Rapunzel spent an eternity in her castle tower. While an eternity may not have passed, we are right there with her when it comes to needing to ditch our towers for a night out on the town. For any couple looking to add some post-isolation magic to date night, we have several options for you as well!

So lovebirds, if there’s a date night in your future, take a look at what we’ve created below to help narrow down a date that will make both you and your sweetheart’s heart sing!

Date Night Activities Guide

  • For the couple that can appreciate the little things in life:

There is just something so lovely about the beautiful and functional Carroll Creek that makes it the perfect destination for your next date. You can chat the night away with your sweetheart while admiring downtown’s very own lovers’ lane. Depending on the time of year you are adventuring downtown, you will also be able to admire incredible sculptures or illuminated boats to make this a date night you can repeat over and over again with the promise of something new.


Check out any of our 5 parking garages downtown at to make romantic plans to see the evening sunset from new heights! From the top of any of the five decks, you can get a front row seat to the SECOND most beautiful view in Frederick (the first being… your date of course!) Yes, yes… you are welcome to use that cheesy line to make your partner blush. Snap a cute and cozy selfie, try to spot your favorite shops and your next dinner night location, or just sit back and enjoy the sky’s evening performance in each other’s’ arms.

  • For the couple looking to unleash their creative side:

Whether you and your partner are artists at heart or simply admirers, the Delaplaine Arts Center is a must for the couple that embraces creativity! Bond with your sweetie with one of the many classes or workshops they offer or just take a stroll through the gallery exhibits together. Whether you’re showing off your own talent or admiring someone else’s, the Delaplaine provides the perfect sanctuary for a memorable date night that you and your partner are sure to appreciate. Plan your date at 


Take our self-guided walking tour of our downtown art galleries! There’s no better way to admire local art than with your human artwork by your side (another sweet line for you to use… thank you, thank you we’ll be here all night!) Grab a quick bite downtown before you embark on your tour to appreciate local creations in every way. Plan your walking route and download your materials at 

  • For the active couple always on the move:

If you can’t sit still, you’re not alone! Downtown Frederick is a great destination for couples that love to keep date night moving…. literally. To get moving right away, grab your mat and head to one of our downtown yoga studios to sign up for a class or meditation workshop together.


Stop in and see our friends at The Trail House and Hunting Creek for all your outdoor activewear needs before embarking on a hike, friendly tennis match, or picnic in the park. Need a break from the aches and sores that come with staying at the top of your active game? We have you covered. Check out Wander for information and products from their professionals on the use of CBD and how to incorporate it into your on-the-go lifestyle. 


It’s rest day, you say? Our personal favorite! Treat your bodies with that special relaxation treat on your next rest day and do it side by side by booking a couples’ massage or pedicure at one of our downtown massage studios or nail salons to spend some well-deserved down time together. 

  • For the couple that loves to spoil each other:

Let’s be honest, some of us really do dream of a shopping date! In our book, “I love you” can ACTUALLY be spelled “let’s go shopping!” With so many unique stores in our downtown, the hardest part will be figuring out where to start! Check out our website at to map out your shopping route and discuss your must-stop shops beforehand. From antiques to boutiques, you are sure to find something that you needed! Or.. is it wanted? Either way, there’s no way to go wrong with your date on one arm and shopping bags on the other!

  • For the early(love)birds:

If you only have a short time window in your jam-packed day to spend on each other, we understand! Dedicate a few moments of your day to sit down with your honey and enjoy a cup of coffee together. Some of the best conversations take place over a good old fashioned cup o’ joe! We’re lucky to have the greatest selection of coffee spots – the toughest part about this date will be answering the question “would you like that iced or hot today?”

Beans and Bagels | 49 E Patrick St

Cafe Nola | 4 E Patrick St

The Perfect Blend Cafe | 31 W Patrick St

Frederick Coffee Co. & Cafe | 100 N East St

Starbucks | 104 N Market St

North Market Pop Shop | 241 N Market St

Up On Market | 301 N Market St

  • For the night owls:

Whether you like to dress to the nines or keep it casual, grabbing a drink together is for you! Hit the town by finding a table or spot at the bar in one of the many breweries or distilleries in Downtown Frederick. Grab a drink, take a tour, or participate in one of the scheduled activity nights by testing your wits at a game of trivia! 

Attaboy Barrel House | 24 S Wisner Suite 100

Attaboy Beer | 400 Sagner Ave

Smoketown Creekside | 400 Sagner Ave Suite 100

Steinhardt Brewing | 340 E Patrick St Suite 102 

Idiom Brewing Company | 340 E Patrick St Suite 104

Tenth Ward Distilling Company | 55 E Patrick St

Olde Mother Brewing | 526 N Market St

Rockwell Brewery | 880 N East St

McClintock Distilling Co | 35 S Carroll St

  • For the couple that loves to cozy up at home:

Stop in at Retro Metro and Dancing Bear to stock up on games, puzzles, and tons of other things you and your partner can enjoy from the comforts of home! Don’t forget to grab dinner and drinks to go from one of our downtown restaurants or craft beverage hot spots. Cozy up with a blanket fort in the living room and create a memorable evening together by combining the playful and luxurious pieces of a downtown date night in your home.


Calling all chefs! For the perfect date night done right, stop at The Kitchenette and Edgeworks Knife & Supply for all of your kitchenware needs before you get started. Grab some ingredients from our downtown markets to bring your most delicious charcuterie board to life! For the craft beverage lover in your relationship, don’t forget to stop by our distilleries to pick up some cocktail fixings before you head back home! Create a full meal together or practice with pairings and tasting menus as you help each other write your recipe book as a couple with special credit to our Downtown Frederick businesses. Bon appetit, lovebirds!

Tenth Ward Distilling Company | 55 E Patrick St

McClintock Distilling Co | 35 S Carroll St

Serendipity Market & More | 14 E Patrick St

Firestone’s Market on Market | 113 N Market St

  • For the fearless couple looking for a good scare:

If you’re looking to dive into a world of spooky together, a Frederick Ghost Tour is the date night activity that is right up your ghostly alley! This tour takes you where no other tour dares to go. You will spend 90-minutes going deep into the archives of the dead in “MARYLAND’S MOST HAUNTED CITY!” This unsettling (in the best way) ride through Frederick’s gruesome and bloody history is a perfect way to spend an evening with your partner and the paranormal… just stick with your group, the ghosts on this tour are no friends of Casper.

Reservations Recommended. Tours available select weekends thru November.  Private Group Tours available on “Non-Scheduled” dates year-round. Each purchased ticket includes a 10% off coupon for Brewer’s Alley Restaurant and Brewery. Frederick’s Original Brew Pub! Learn more at

  • For the adventurous couple:

Maybe you’re feeling like tackling a new challenge together? Putting your heads together? Or maybe you just want to practice your already flawless teamwork and communication skills, eh, eh? Put your thinking caps on and make a reservation at SureLocked In or Clue I.Q. for a thoughtful take on date night. Solve puzzles together as you work to escape in time! You can prove to everyone that love really DOES conquer all!

Good luck, lovebirds!

If you’re still feeling nervous about what to pick, take dating advice from romance novelist Nicholas Sparks with his approach “I just pick something I really enjoy doing because then I know if the date doesn’t go well, at least I had a good time.” That advice stumped us in the “sweep your partner off their feet” department but we really can’t argue it. His strategy is definitely one worth getting behind. While we can’t make any promises on how each lovestruck moment of your date will go… we CAN assure you that in Downtown Frederick, you are bound to have a good time either way.