Use our Resource Guide to assist individuals experiencing homelessness in Downtown Frederick and those in need of supportive services.

In the event of a severe or life threatening emergency, call 911

For a non life threatening situation, call the Frederick Police Department at 301.600.2102

If you see a person experiencing a crisis, please call:

211 Maryland– 211

Maryland Crisis Hotline – 1.800.422.0009

National Suicide Hotline– 1.800.273.8255

National Domestic Violence Hotline – 1.800.799.7233

Panhandling 101

What is panhandling & when is it illegal?

Panhandling (asking for money) is not illegal on public space unless it is done in an aggressive manner. Panhandling is considered aggressive when the conduct of begging which harasses, menaces, intimidates, impedes traffic or otherwise causes harm.

For more information as it relates to the City Code on panhandling, please visit this site.

What should you do if asked for money?

The best response is to politely say “no” and walk or drive away. If a panhandler becomes aggressive or if you feel threatened, contact the Frederick Police Department by calling 911 for an emergency and 301.600.2102 for a non-emergency.

It’s ok to say no to panhandlers, there are better ways to help. Join Frederick in making a difference by supporting organizations like the ones listed below that strive every day to meet the needs of women, men, children and families that are homeless:

Downtown Frederick Partnership and The Frederick Police Department partnered together to produce the Service Guide for the community. The Partnership and Frederick Police Department work closely with many of the organizations listed on this page to ensure Downtown Frederick is a great place for all to live, work, play and stay.